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started: Oct 8, 2016
When was the last time you went to the movie theatre?
started: Aug 7, 2016
Do you subscribe to one or more streaming service? Eg. Netflix? Crave TV? Shomi?
started: Apr 23, 2016
What time of day, do you typically rent your movie at Classic Video?
started: Feb 21, 2016
What determines, which movie you will rent?
started: Jan 17, 2016
With the Golden Globes behind us, will you be watching the Academy Awards on February 28th?
started: Nov 29, 2015
Will you be watching Festive movies, through the Holiday Season?
started: Oct 31, 2015
Do you follow Classic Video on Facebook or Twitter?
started: Jun 5, 2015
What is your favourite decade for movies?
started: May 18, 2015
Did you realize that 70% of the money spent at Classic Video, stays within the community; but 0% from Netflix, CraveTV, Shomi, or other online streaming websites? *Classic Video has been locally owned since it's opening in 1987.
started: Apr 12, 2015
Did you know Classic Video is now, the only video specialty store between Belleville to Smith Falls to Brockville?
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Our Poll Question
started: Jun 24, 2023
With Classic Video now shuttered, where will you obtain your movies & television shows?