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started: Feb 2, 2004
Which movie should win Best Picture at the Academy Awards this year?
started: Jan 1, 2004
Do you watch foreign language movies?
started: Dec 8, 2003
Does the concept of a monthly subscription for video rentals appeal to you? For example, at $24.95 per month, you could rent two movies for an unlimited period, exchange either one for new choices, and never pay any late charges.
started: Nov 17, 2003
Do you access and use the bonus features on DVDs? For example, do you listen to the directors audio commentary or watch deleted scenes?
started: Oct 31, 2003
Do you think the Matrix series is better than the original Star Wars series?
started: Sep 24, 2003
Have you downloaded movies from the internet before?
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started: Jun 24, 2023
With Classic Video now shuttered, where will you obtain your movies & television shows?