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started: Apr 4, 2022
What's your favourite franchise?
started: Sep 29, 2021
Would it be useful having Classic Video open from Noon to 4pm on Sundays?
started: Aug 19, 2021
What's your favourtie category?
started: Aug 7, 2021
Will you take advantage of Classic Video's *2 for 1* New Release Special on Friday evenings, between 5pm to 8pm?
started: Jul 20, 2021
For 20+ years, Classic Video has offered 3 older movies for $5.65 (taxes included). If CV were to increase the price, what would you be willing to pay?
started: Apr 18, 2021
What determines which movie you will rent at Classic Video?
started: Jan 20, 2021
Which is your preference?
started: Sep 13, 2020
In the New Releases, which is your favourite genre?
started: Jun 22, 2020
Are you aware of Classic Video's reduced hours? . Monday to Thursday: 10am to 5pm / Friday & Saturday: 10am to 6pm / Sunday: Closed
started: May 8, 2020
How will you request your movie rentals during curbside pick-up only?
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Our Poll Question
started: Jun 24, 2023
With Classic Video now shuttered, where will you obtain your movies & television shows?