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started: Jun 22, 2020
Are you aware of Classic Video's reduced hours? . Monday to Thursday: 10am to 5pm / Friday & Saturday: 10am to 6pm / Sunday: Closed
started: May 8, 2020
How will you request your movie rentals during curbside pick-up only?
started: Apr 21, 2020
When Classic Video reopens, the store will be cashless and only accepting "Debit" and "Credit Cards for payment. Will this reduce your movie rentals?
started: Mar 8, 2020
Which social media service, do you follow Classic Video?
started: Jan 16, 2020
How many streaming services do you subscribe to?
started: Nov 3, 2019
Will you be renting Festive / Holiday movies in November and December?
started: Sep 24, 2019
Will you be renting Horror movies for Halloween this year?
started: Jun 5, 2019
What is your favourite movie for Movies in the Square?
started: Apr 10, 2019
Do you believe video stores will be relevant in 5 years?
started: Feb 28, 2019
With the regular MLB [Baseball] season starting soon, and the NHL [Hockey] playoffs beginning in April - Does that reduce your movie rentals?
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Our Poll Question
started: Jun 2, 2022
Each Summer, Classic Video provides the DVDs for "Movies in the Square". Which movie is your favourite for this year?