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started: May 31, 2004
Which of these June releases are you most likely to rent?
started: May 18, 2004
On May 25th, -The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King- will be released on DVD. Which of the following, may you do?
started: May 11, 2004
Over the past year, documentary movies have become more mainstream. Some examples are, Spellbound, Winged Migration, Bowling For Columbine, Capturing the Friedmans, and The Fog of War (May 11th). Our question then, do you rent documentary movies?
started: May 4, 2004
Which is your favourite -epic- film, produced in past few years?
started: Apr 27, 2004
Love Actually, now released on DVD, features many U.K. born stars. Which of the following, is your favourite?
started: Apr 14, 2004
In your opinion, which is Quentin Tarantino s best feature film?
started: Mar 31, 2004
Do you rent video games?
started: Mar 16, 2004
Have you, or are you planning to see the film, The Passion of Christ?
started: Mar 1, 2004
Which genre do you rent from most often?
started: Feb 2, 2004
Which movie should win Best Picture at the Academy Awards this year?
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started: Mar 13, 2023
Do you purchase and or listen to movie soundtracks?