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started: Dec 1, 2004
Do you rent Television Series on DVD?
started: Nov 19, 2004
How many Previously Viewed DVDs, may you purchase this Holiday Season?
started: Nov 1, 2004
Over the next month, several sequels are being released on DVD. Which is your first choice to rent?
started: Oct 13, 2004
Which movie will inspire the most Halloween costumes this year?
started: Oct 3, 2004
Which Michael Moore documentary, do you consider his best work?
started: Sep 18, 2004
Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, is releasing his documentary, Super Size Me, on September 28th. The film, shows the perils from eating a diet of McDonald s fast food, three times a day for a month straight. Our question, do you eat fast food?
started: Aug 30, 2004
Which movie, will you most likely rent in September?
started: Aug 14, 2004
Will you be watching the Olympics this month?
started: Jul 21, 2004
Which of the following Stars do you feel has made the best jump from TV to Big Screen?
started: Jul 1, 2004
Which season do you rent the most movies?
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started: Jun 24, 2023
With Classic Video now shuttered, where will you obtain your movies & television shows?