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See For Me [2021]
Horror Starring: Skyler Davenport Director: Randall Okita
Shakespeare & Hathaway: S4
British TV Starring: Mark Benton Director: British Tv
Sister Boniface Mysteries:s1
British TV Starring: Lorna Watson Director: British Tv
Slapface [2021]
Horror Starring: August Maturo Director: Jeremiah Kipp
Split; The: S1
British TV Starring: Nicola Walker Director: British Tv
Split; The: S2
British TV Starring: Nicola Walker Director: British Tv
Star Trek: Lower Decks -S2
TV Series Starring: Tawny Newsome Director: Tv Series
That Dirty Black Bag: S1
TV Series Starring: Douglas Booth Director: Tv Series
Traces: S2
British TV Starring: Molly Windsor Director: British Tv
Wakefield [2021/Mini Series]
British TV Starring: Rudi Dharmalingam Director: Kristen Dunphy
Wolf Hound [2022]
War & Westerns Starring: James Maslow Director: Michael B. Chait
Woodlands Dark/Days Bewitche
Documentary DOCUMENTARY/FOLK HOR Director: Kier-La Janisse
Yellowjackets: S1
TV Series Starring: Melanie Lynskey Director: Tv Series
You Are Not My Mother
Horror Starring: Hazel Doupe Director: Kate Dolan
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