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"Will you be renting Horror movies for Halloween this year?"

Total Votes: 15
Yes 60%
No 33%
Not sure 0%
I only watch Comedies 6%

Total Votes: 15

"What is your favourite movie for Movies in the Square?"

Total Votes: 42
Back to the Future 30%
Wayne s World 9%
Top Gun 14%
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again 2%
Who Framed Roger Rabbit 11%
La La Land 2%
Incredibles 2 2%
Beauty & the Beast [2017] 0%
Chronicles of Narnia 9%
Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets 7%
Ferngully 9%

Total Votes: 42

"Does the weather affect your decision to rent a movie? Rainy? Humid? Sunny?"

Total Votes: 16
Yes 12%
No 68%
Maybe 18%

Total Votes: 16

"Do you believe video stores will be relevant in 5 years?"

Total Votes: 24
Yes 91%
No 4%
Maybe 4%
Unsure 0%

Total Votes: 24

"With the regular MLB [Baseball] season starting soon, and the NHL [Hockey] playoffs beginning in April - Does that reduce your movie rentals?"

Total Votes: 20
Yes 5%
No 90%
Maybe 0%
Not sure 5%

Total Votes: 20

"Do the Golden Globes, Academy Awards, SAG Awards, People's Choice Awards, etc. affect your choice of what movie to watch?"

Total Votes: 13
Yes 53%
No 46%
Unsure 0%

Total Votes: 13

"Do you have 4K television and player?"

Total Votes: 13
Yes 0%
No 92%
Planning to purchase both in 2019 7%

Total Votes: 13

"Will you be watching a DVD (movie / TV show) on New Year's Eve?"

Total Votes: 13
Yes 76%
No 0%
Maybe 15%
Unsure 7%

Total Votes: 13

"What is your opinion? Keep the Classic Video Rewards card with free rentals but with higher rental rates OR eliminating the stamp card and freezing the current rental rates."

Total Votes: 19
Keep the stamp card and higher rental rates. 21%
No stamp card and rental rates stay the same. 78%

Total Votes: 19

"Are you an early or last minute shopper for the Holiday Season?"

Total Votes: 9
Early 11%
Just in time 11%
Last minute 77%

Total Votes: 9

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Our Poll Question started: 11/3/2019

"Will you be renting Festive / Holiday movies in November and December?"

Yes 60%
No 13%
Maybe 21%
January 0%
All year 4%

Votes: 23

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