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"Will you be watching a DVD (movie / TV show) on New Year's Eve?"

Total Votes: 13
Yes 76%
No 0%
Maybe 15%
Unsure 7%

Total Votes: 13

"What is your opinion? Keep the Classic Video Rewards card with free rentals but with higher rental rates OR eliminating the stamp card and freezing the current rental rates."

Total Votes: 19
Keep the stamp card and higher rental rates. 21%
No stamp card and rental rates stay the same. 78%

Total Votes: 19

"Are you an early or last minute shopper for the Holiday Season?"

Total Votes: 9
Early 11%
Just in time 11%
Last minute 77%

Total Votes: 9

"Did you know that Classic Video has a Foreign Language T.V. Series category?"

Total Votes: 18
Yes 66%
No 33%

Total Votes: 18

"Will you be going to Movies in the Square this Summer?"

Total Votes: 36
Yes 55%
No 36%
Maybe 8%

Total Votes: 36

"Do you feel video rental stores are still relevant in today's digital world?"

Total Votes: 19
Unsure 0%
Yes 73%
No 0%
Depends on the store,inventory and service 26%

Total Votes: 19

"Will watching the NHL hockey playoffs reduce your movie rentals during the Spring?"

Total Votes: 9
Yes 0%
No 88%
Maybe 11%

Total Votes: 9

"When do you watch your DVD rentals?"

Total Votes: 21
Morning 0%
Noon 0%
Afternoon 4%
Dinner 4%
Evening 57%
Overnight 4%
Two or more time frames 28%

Total Votes: 21

"What movie will win Best Picture at the Academy Awards in 2018?"

Total Votes: 29
The Shape of Water 37%
Darkest Hour 0%
Dunkirk 10%
Phantom Thread 3%
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 27%
Get Out 6%
The Post 0%
Call Me by Your Name 10%
Lady Bird 3%

Total Votes: 29

"Did you know, Classic Video does Special Orders for Purchase?"

Total Votes: 29
Yes 41%
No 24%
Good to know 34%

Total Votes: 29

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Our Poll Question started: 1/8/2019

"Do you have 4K television and player?"

Yes 0%
No 80%
Planning to purchase both in 2019 20%

Votes: 5

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